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Image of Tessen


Tessen is a card game featuring simultaneous real time play. Two players take animal cards from their decks and play them to 5 spaces in front of them. Players may save sets of 3 or more, but beware! The opponent may use a warrior card to "attack" a space forcing the player to give up the attacked animal cards. The attacking player may then take the cards for his own. Also, warriors may be used to "defend" and nullify an opponent's warrior. Whomever has the most saved animal cards at the end of a round wins!

Tessen features:

- Fast fun, but also with a good mix of strategy and tactics
- A thematic setting - feudal Japan
- Extensively playtested and developed
- Language agnostic gameplay!
- Quick playtime - most matches can be played in 15 minutes
- Incredible art by illustrator Wayne O'Connor
- Colorblind friendly graphic design!
- A great price - Only $15 plus shipping!
- TWO mini-expansions included

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